Online SMS Based Bidding Application

OSBBA also called "Online SMS Based Bidding Application," is one of the unique products in the market which combines the power of SMS & Internet for all kinds of material procurements. It won the "Gold Medal" in Quality Concepts 2013, hosted by the Council Forum of India.

OSBBA is an innovative SaaS application for end-to-end management of trading and procurement using SMS. It's a cloud-based application configured completely to any business requirement.The integration time taken is less than one week to GO-LIVE with the application. Our Clients have found immense value in using OSBBA for its simplicity. OSBBA has been known as an out-of-the-box product.

Efficient and real-time distribution of information among senior officials was always a challenge with Purchase Departments of large organisations. They are engaged in the daily trading and procurement of raw materials from the market. Transparency was the biggest challenge among these Organisations as most deals/business happens through verbal communications between buyer & seller. Sensing an opportunity, the team at Eben Telecom developed an innovative product called OSBBA-"Online SMS Based Bidding Application" to solve this complex issue.