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Our Strengths


Our years of expertise, servicing Client requirements in various industries have helped us develop robust systems and processes that will facilitate smooth transition of your business.


Our team of experienced professionals will provide leadership and support to ensure success of your business.

Internet & Telecom Infrastructure

Our latest internet and telecom infrastructure with multiple operator connectivity will provide you seamless connectivity for smooth functioning of your business.

IT Infrastructure

Our robust IT systems will provide you secure and reliable infrastructure for your data management and speed of operations.

Location Advantage

Our Call Centre location at Cochin provides easy access for all employees to reach by Road, Rail and Metro facilitating business continuity during any natural exigencies.

Technology Solutions

Technology support from our group companies will provide you the benefit of creating customized Call Centre CRM, Website management and Digital Marketing.

Eben Telecom is your best strategic partner for all your business needs. We can serve you with the following solution.

Eben Telecom is one of the pioneers in Contact Centre Operations with experience and expertise in serving Customer needs for over 28 years. Eben Telecom has a comprehensive and updated perspective on how to manage Customer relationships more effectively.

More than 800 employees are working with Eben Telecom, supporting the top brands and helping them achieve their Customer engagement and sales goals.

We provide Chat/Email support, Inbound/Outbound Voice Customer Service & Sales, NOC (Network Operating Centre) support and other customised services based on Client business needs.

IVR assistance is significant support that we provide for most of our contact centre Clients. IVR will guide the callers to exemplary service without any human intervention, saving time and cost for organisations. Customers will find explicit step-by-step instructions, leading them to the right services and high Customer satisfaction.

My Portal - A Payroll & Employee Life Cycle management platform, is the best solution for all your HR-related and payroll problems.

CRM - With the help of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), we build Customer relationship applications for all Clients based on their specific needs.

Unified Buzz – An SMS burst marketing platform used across the globe with our URL shortening app (alternative for Bitly). This platform has helped Clients achieve their sales and marketing goals with less effort and cost.

Our SMS platform & CRM facilitates Customer engagement through SMS and allows you to have delivery updates to reduce Customer effort.

Apart from this, we also have a great team of technology experts to work on your specific business needs.

Most businesses engage their employees in redundant and mundane tasks, be it invoice processing, order completion, or other back-office activities. This leads to an increased workforce, time, cost and errors.

By getting to do these day-to-day tasks using robotic software (Digital Workforce), you automate your business and transform it into the most efficient and cost-effective model, thereby growing revenues, reducing costs and driving efficiencies.

Our innovative Robotic Software (RPA) can be configured to any business applications that your employees use (from word/excel to SAP and even other mainstream applications). These bots will log in as an employee and complete all the rule-based tasks as programmed daily and can be put to work for 24 hrs.

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