CSR Campaign

"We make a Living from what we Get. But we make a Life out of what we Give"


The growth and sustainability of any organization depends on how it takes an initiative to give back to the society that built it. We at Eben stand by the belief that giving is what makes us thrive in what we pioneer at. This thought is what eventually led to the formation of "Eben Foundation" in the year 2016.

A Meal A Day

Eben Foundation kick started its CSR activities by organizing meal packets on a daily basis, and hence setting a mile stone, by feeding those in need, in and around Kaloor (Eben Telecom HQ location). The campaign runs by the name "A Meal A Day" where we, as a team, aim towards bringing positive changes in the lives of the people around us

A Lesson for Life Initiative

The term ‘Emerging India’ can come into effect in all its true sense, only if our youngsters and kids are provided with at least basic education and daily essentials like food, water, shelter and healthcare. Eben Foundation receives a number of request letters for educational financial aid. By researching on the authenticity of each request, we do our share of assistance by catering to their monetary needs. Our responsibility does not stop there. We keep a timely check of their progress and based on their field of study and understanding, employ them within our group of companies or help them get placed with a word of reference.

Lifting Lives

This is a joint initiative of Eben Foundation with local political representative (MLAs and MPs) , to bring in a positive change in the lives of the needy. Mr. Hibi Eden, Member of Parliament – a young, dynamic and socially responsible political leader, who has always been focussing on assisting those in need of a financial aid, has been an active patron of Eben Foundation. Over the years Mr.Eden has forwarded several case studies of those in need of a helping hand. These requests vary from accident medical assistance, Cancer Treatment, Dialysis, Organ Transplants and many more. Eben Foundation has been honouring these letters of aids to the best of our abilities till date.

The Nesting Initiative

The requirement of a roof above ones head to keep one-self and the family protected is a dream for many in our society. The Eben Foundation hand picks through reference, families in need of a shelter and provides the essential support in building their dream home.

Marriage Campaign

Eben Foundation makes generous donations to charitable organizations and religious establishments to support the marriage expenses in desolate families who are in need of a helping aid in making the lives of their daughters safe and secure through a new beginning.

Resurgent Eben Family

Kerala witnessed unprecedented rains and flooding in August 2018, The flooding resulted in hundreds of houses being half submerged or fully submerged and thousands of people staying in relief camps that were opened up across many districts in Kerala.

The management and employees at Eben Telecom rose to the occasion and extended helping hand to people who were affected by floods. Many of our employees including our MD Mr.Sam Thomas were actively involved in setting up relief camps, raising and distributing relief materials. We opened our office to many of the stranded employees to stay and provided them with food and other basic necessities during the floods. Apart from this we also extended a helping hand to 52 families of our staff members by providing them with relief materials in the affected areas.

Social Services