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Contact Center

customer interactions across various channels
Eben has been in the Contact Center business for the last 24 years serving clients from various industries like Banking & Financial Services, Telecom, Insurance, Automobile, Educational Institutions, Media, Medical, Consumer Products etc and hence carries experience and expertise in running Contact Center solutions for clients.


UnifiedBuzz is a flagship product of Eben Telecom and is a leading mobile convergence solution provider in the Asia-Pacific region. We enable organizations with the ability to harness network, device and channel capabilities to improve the service delivery and customer engagements. UnifiedBuzz, provides a host of services like Enterprise Messaging, OTP Solutions, Bulk Messaging Solutions, SMPP Solutions and various other Voice based solutions & services


One Card for Every Problem
My Portal is a dynamic HR database management system with an easy to use interface to manage, process, retrieve and communicate all HR related activities in a seamless manner. By using My Portal organizations can maintain and retrieve data in a convenient manner, conduct employee surveys and send key communications to employees in a convenient manner. Employees can access and manage organizational information in a easy and convenient manner.


Global Customer Solutions
If you need elements such as tables, comments, description areas, tabs and many others, we've got you covered. We took into consideration multiple use cases and came up with some specific elements that you will love to use. They're beautiful and easy to use for the end user navigating your website.

eProp Manager

A Versatile Real Estate Management Software
eProp Manager is a versatile real estate management software providing end to end property management solutions for customers. Whether you are a property manager of large number of units to be rented, leased or serviced in different locations or whether you are a property broker trying to lease or rent units in different properties across different locations, eProp Manager makes managing properties convenient and simple for you. The inventory management facility, the auto payment reminder facility, the contract management feature, the work orders to schedule maintenance activities of units, the booking orders, commission tracking, lead management, real-time analytics and reporting facilities in the eProp Manager will give you the comfort and convenience of managing all your properties efficiently 24x7 online, from anywhere.
EProp Manager


Online SMS Based Bidding Application
OSBBA is a simple communication platform between the farmers and the procurement team of companies for easy procurement of raw materials. The application helps organization save time and money by helping them procure raw materials at ease and at a competitive price. It also helps organizations to plan production period, do bulk purchase and avoid the need of middle men in procurement. The application is easy to use and it connects with SAP software of the organizations.

Our top solutions designed to meet business needs

Technology Solutions
  • Procurement Bidding Platform
    Bidding procurment solutions to reach both urban & rural vendors
  • CRM's
    Customer engagement and retention management platform.
  • E-Portal
    Employee life cycle management for HR & payroll management.
  • Digital Marketing
    Better customer experience and engagement through social media.
Telecom Solutions
  • Bulk SMS
    SMS burst tool for marketing campaigns and customer support.
  • IVR
    Customised IVR designed for individual / business needs.
  • API
    API's to communicate with your existing business applications.
    URL shortening, Customised links and link Analytics.
Manpower Solutions
  • Email & Chat Support
    Customer management & retention through email & Chat support
  • Inbound/Outbound
    Inbound and Outbound sales and customer support.
  • Training & Development
    Corporate trainings on leadership & management effectiveness.
  • NOC Support
    Real time server monitoring & trouble shooting for data centres.
Business Automation Solutions
  • Digital Workforce
    Robotic workforce for all your repetetive business task.
  • Business Transformation
    Transform your business with better technology.
  • Business Consulting
    Connect with the experts to improve your business operations.
  • AI based Solutions
    Technology at its best with AI and more cognitive solutions..